Curious about Nutrition Instruction?

Of course whole-food nutrition instruction with me is a lot more than simply providing a weekly meal plan…remember that, in the world of fitness, health & wellness professionals, I have a truly unusual triad of coaching proficiencies so my particular tri-pronged holistic approach really helps people improve not just their nutritional habits but their entire lifestyle.

The following is intended to be just a taste (pun INtended!) of what you can expect when allowing me to help you “sculpt” the life you want.  (NOTE: I’ve also created an entire list of foods and kitchen gadgets, etc that I personally use and therefore recommend on my THINGS I LIKE page, most of which are already hyperlinked so you can simply click and land right on the correct Amazon page to order…you may really enjoy checking that out as well!)

Are you interested in learning more about the Paleo lifestyle? Here's a way to assemble a bowl-in-one meal.

Or is the Mediterranean approach more your thing? Then here's what your breakfast might look like.

Gone Keto? Here's an item you won't be able to do without (and by the way you can buy this item now with just one click)

Or just trying to improve the integrity of your digestive tract (one of the keys to health…ever heard of leaky gut syndrome?) in order to live a longer healthier life in general? Here’s a healthy food that should be included in this (or ANY diet strategy)

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Here's a meal I bet will really float your boat.

"This is MY FAVE!"
reports my super-healthy mostly-vegan kiddo Kirsti pictured here with her signature lemon and artichokes with garlic, chickpeas, quinoa, spinach, and brussels sprouts (YUM!!!)

And here are just a few of my favorite recipes…for more info, of course, sign up for one of my classes or just say “Yes!” to Lifestyle Coaching with me today (because no matter where you are on the optimum-health spectrum, everybody could use a little tweak every now and again along their personal journey!)

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