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Go ahead and Google the word “fit”…I'd lay heavy odds you'll get lots of hits.

What you may also notice, however, is "fit" has actually become another non-word (like "natural")…just because you can run a marathon doesn’t mean you’ll never tear any soft tissue or break a bone. And muscle bound gym-rats often have major postural imbalances, flexibility issues, etc. So in the end, isn't the best UNIVERSAL definition of the word "fit" something like being able to perform your favorite activities enthusiastically and without pain for the rest of your life?

Let's face it, the average American has bigger fish to fry than simply wanting to tone abs or arms…MOST people (especially Americans) today are overweight or dealing with chronic illness, injuries, or pain, (or all of the above!)

The bottom line is that gym workouts may actually be irrelevant for most people because machines can’t train you for real-life activities, AND THEY CAN BE BORING (remember the only exercise anyone will ever do is the one they like!) That’s why I’m a HUGE advocate of truly Functional fitness and bodyweight-only exercise (because no matter where you go you always have your body, right?)

My Personal Training style is unique: in my opinion all that’s required for a really good workout is a water bottle, maybe a chair or a stretchy band, and (of course) your body! Believe it or not, the human body can actually only execute seven basic movement patterns: squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist & gait. So even the most complex movements, no matter how small, are really only variations of these “Pillars of Human Movement.” My individualized workout routines challenge the body to work holistically, firing up complete muscle groups in a sequential pattern. Additionally I pay particular attention to the constant interplay of high quality movement, whole food nutrition, and stress management / relaxation. In the fitness world the phrase "use your body as the machine" is COMMON. The problem is we simply aren’t machines...we're complete / complicated ecosystems (and remember a pebble thrown into a pond always makes ripples!)​

If meeting face-to-face simply isn't possible (regardless of the reason) virtual sessions are always available…just get in touch with me to discuss your options!

Ever notice F-U-N are the first 3 letters of the word Functional? Training with me not only puts the FUN back in exercise, it'll change the way you function!

Sculpt Your Life | Personal Training - ArticleSculpt Your Life | Personal Training - Article

"Benefits of Functional Workouts" – TBN Philadelphia WGTW-TV 48

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