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All Tai Chi practices are related…they’re not just kissing cousins, but more like siblings with close loving relationships since all Tai Chi practices sprang from Qigong, the “ancestor” of all energy medicine (in fact some would insist that even energy-moving modalities like acupuncture are direct descendants of Qigong as well.) And Qigong’s roots run deep since it’s considered an outgrowth of the I-Ching, or “The Books of Changes,” published in 2852 B.C. But why, you may wonder, are Qigong and all its associated Tai Chi practices so very health-enhancing? It's because they improve the flow of energy throughout the body’s meridian system.

Rather than expend any more of my vital force detailing Tai Chi's history, however, let me instead tell you about not just my favorite Tai Chi practice of all, but my favorite moving mindfulness practice as well: T'ai Chi Chih.

Although it bears a visual similarity to Tai Chi Ch’uan (the complete name of the well-known family of martial arts) T'ai Chi Chih (which, literally translated, means “Knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate”) is simply a moving meditation designed to activate, circulate, and balance Chi. Here in the West although we understand from Physics that the basis of everything is energy, we give little credence to the concept of “Chi.” All ancient cultures, however, have some understanding (and name for) Chi and simply accept it as the connection which binds everything in the universe together…BALANCING BODILY CHI, THEREFORE, HAS ALWAYS BEEN CONSIDERED THE GREAT SECRET OF A LONG, HEALTHY, HAPPY LIFE.

Unlike Tai Chi Ch’uan (or any other martial arts) however, T'AI CHI CHIH IS SUITABLE FOR ANY AGE, PHYSICAL CONDITION, OR AGILITY LEVEL. T'ai Chi Chih’s potential target audience is, therefore, literally UNLIMITED since even those with physical differences can participate, performing the movements while seated (with some modification)…paraplegics have found that practice right from their wheelchairs is EASY and advanced students have reported feeling amazing benefits by simply visualizing the movements while remaining physically still. Most people also experience T'ai Chi Chih as downright FUN because it not only consists of just 20 movements, there’s never a requirement those movements be done in any particular order. No special clothing or equipment is required and the slow, soft movements have an almost immediate effect on blood pressure and other physical aspects…everyone’s experience is different, but most students feel far-reaching effects of the practice so quickly that PROFOUND changes in both physical and mental health can even occur after only a few lessons. (Click here for info on current classes.)

And because of its use as the experimental group in 24 published Scientific Journal articles over a twenty-year period, T’ai Chi Chih has also clearly demonstrated its effectiveness as an evidence-based mindfulness practice as well as a viable treatment option (potentially MORE effective than medication) for various physiological and psychological conditions. Remember, though, that since all Tai Chi practices are closely related (much like various dialects of the same language), any study re the effectiveness of ANY Tai Chi practice can easily be applied to T'ai Chi Chih as well!

Visit for more information on the current Medical Studies linking T'ai Chi Chih SPECIFICALLY to positive changes in all of the following:

•  Depression, anxiety & general stress
•  Healthy aging
•  Various inflammatory conditions
•  Sleep quality
•  Balance
•  Activities of daily life
•  Pain relief
•  Peace & joy
•  General Immune System function
•  Immunity to Shingles Virus specifically
•  Various chronic diseases including cancer

THE MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT CONNECTION IS IRREFUTABLE: NEXT TIME YOU FEEL SCARED OR TENSE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO NOTICE YOUR BREATHING AND POSTURE! Don’t undermine your efforts to recover or maintain optimum health by ignoring stresses with the potential to mimic or even cause disease…sign up for classes or private training TODAY (both live and virtual options are always available!)


*Many people know I studied Tang Soo Do karate for years…for more information on my ever-deepening commitment to my own holistic health and the evolution of my Lifestyle Coaching career click here, but for more info on my relationship with the SOFT YET POWERFUL practice known as T'ai Chi Chih, click here and here.

T'ai Chi Chih® is a registered trademark of Kim Grant.

I'm also a deeply grateful Tai Chi for Veterans Instructor...this poignant video was actually a gift from one of my students.

TC4V” was a direct outgrowth of both the Mission Act and the profound body of research confirming Tai Chi is an evidence-based drug-free treatment option for all mental health diagnoses including PTSD and suicidality.

All qualified Veterans can easily participate in this program (both in-person and virtually) at no-cost…for more info, click here.

Co-Leading Silent Practice at T'ai Chi Chih International Teacher's Conference 2019

"Benefits of Moving Meditation" – TBN Philadelphia WGTW-TV Channel 48

"T'ai Chi Chih with Jessica Lewis" as seen on

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