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I’ve put all of my favorite things on the same page. Some of these are helpful resources for living your “Sculpted” life, some are cool gadgets to make your life easier, some are tools to help fix you up when things are going wrong, and some are simply things that will bring you joy.

Note that most of the following items are now hyperlinked so you can simply click and land right on the correct Amazon page to order!

Kitchen Gadgets:


Sports Related:


DVD’s, Documentaries & Apps:

It’s important for you to know that I never accept free products in exchange for an endorsement… if I recommend something it’s simply because I’ve purchased and/or used the product and found that it made a positive difference in my life. My primary intent in all of this is to save you valuable time and energy (it's been my experience that poking around the internet comparing prices on products I’m unfamiliar with is like getting sucked into a time warp…I DO NOT enjoy it!)

If you do indeed decide to purchase a product after clicking on a link I provide, however, it's true that I’ll earn a small commission from that purchase. (The commission varies but typically ranges from a few cents to a few dollars, although on rare occasions it might be more.) And the income I earn from commissions on your purchases goes towards underwriting various costs of doing business like maintaining this website, writing original blogs, posting on social media, and constantly brainstorming new and creative ways to shift the way the world defines the words "health" and "wellbeing." Most importantly, however, I want you to know that my commissions DO NOT add a single cent to the price of any product. In fact, my goal is always to link you to the least expensive yet highest quality version of each product…in other words you MAY find a cheaper version of something at Five Below or Target (etc) but if it breaks the first time you use it that's not a great value, right?

But of course if you have any questions regarding this (or any other) matter, feel free to contact me personally and I’ll be happy to help you. And remember there’s also an email form at the bottom of every page on this website (plus my cellular number is listed at the bottom of each page as well… call anytime!)

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