NO-COST  Tai Chi for qualified Veterans!

In 2019 the Veterans Administration Community Care Network (or VA CCN) created the Tai Chi for Veterans program in direct response to the 2018 Mission Act. I am authorized as both a VA CCN Community Tai Chi Provider and Tai Chi for Veterans instructor so click here for info on my classes right in your own neighborhood. To learn more about your eligibility for these* or any VA CCN classes click here, or feel free to get in touch with me directly anytime: scroll to the bottom of this or any page on this website then shoot me an email (or just give me a call.)

*Because of COVID19 the Tai Chi for Veterans program was folded into the VA's Telehealth system plus added to the CPRS, and has been available both live and via Zoom ever since…any qualified Veteran should be able to take advantage of this benefit simply by logging onto or by asking their medical provider for a "Tai Chi community consult."

Still have questions? Click here for more info on me and my completely unique Lifestyle Coaching private practice, or here for more specific info on the transformative power of various Tai Chi practices. (And don’t forget to follow me across all social media channels or, again, just give me a call.)

Jessica Lewis & April Leffler mirroring a complete silent practice

Marcus J. Carbo, OIF/OEF disabled combat Army Veteran and fellow Tai Chi for Veterans Instructor tells powerful personal story

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