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Today Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC is a Master Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritional Counselor, and Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Instructor with an outstanding track record for coaching her clients through complete life-transformations. Unlike most fitness, health & wellness professionals, however, she’s had an up-close and personal relationship with the same obstacles facing most Americans.

Like many people (especially women), throughout almost the entire first half of her life Jessica struggled with compulsive overeating and the unavoidable resulting bodyweight rollercoaster. She shifted her trajectory completely in her mid-thirties, however, after being diagnosed with both severe hypoglycemia and IBS: she began exercising, eating healthily, and practicing relaxation/meditation techniques for the first time in her the process she shed close to 100 pounds.

Jessica’s ever evolving commitment to her own holistic health eventually led her to a deep commitment to helping others and for the last almost-20 years, as the founder of SCULPT YOUR LIFE®, Jessica has been combining customized exercise routines, solid nutritional advice, and movement-based relaxation principles for a diverse population of clients within the comfort of their own homes (either live or virtually.)

Additionally, Jessica is a Tai Chi for Veterans Instructor plus she's held long-term coaching or teaching contracts for two of Delaware's most well-respected Functional Medicine facilities, the Cancer Support Community Delaware, Widener University, and the American Red Cross. She's studied Tang Soo Do karate extensively and is a former national competitor.

"When I say ‘I’ve been there,’ I actually mean it…

Sculpt Your Life | Jessica's Transformation (Before)

…this shot was taken in 1997 (YES, THAT REALLY IS ME ON THE LEFT!) after I’d ALREADY shed a great deal of body fat simply by exercising for the first time in my life, yet still had a LONG road ahead of me. And note the little brunette to the right: that's my 2-year-old Kirsti whose bath one night about a year before was the epiphany I needed in order to make some serious changes in my life. But still about 6 more years of studying fitness, nutrition, and relaxation would pass before I decided I had something to offer others traveling this road alongside me. (Check out the short video clip above to hear more.)

Sculpt Your Life | Jessica's Transformation (After)

This shot was taken at Christmas in 2015. Most people say I look younger then and now than I did in the 1990's (I certainly feel younger!) High quality exercise & nutrition along with regular T'ai Chi Chih practice have not just restored my health but collaborated to provide me with an entirely different sense of wellbeing…conveying my message of the TRUE NATURE of health & wellbeing to the world (one client at a time, if necessary!) is my mission.

And pictured alongside of me is my then-20 year old kiddo Kirsti, whose presence in my life keeps me mindful of how truly grateful I am for gifts wrapped in unusual packages.”

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