Nutrition Instruction

Every single thing we put in our mouths either builds up our health or breaks it down...that's simply a biological fact.

I’m certified to advise all aspects of basic nutrition, but what sets me apart is my expertise in taking a holistic approach to instructing the value of WHOLE FOOD as it pertains to far more important issues than simple weight loss or gain.

Frankly, I rarely discuss counting calories, carbs, or macros…instead I help people shine a spotlight on why they feel what they feel about food then help them (QUICKLY!) break out of old behavior patterns. (Along the way, I also typically help clients improve their gut health, cognitive function, bone density, hormonal balance, immune system, athletic performance, and exercise recovery.)

Folks who work with me generally report developing healthier relationships with food, as well as improved sleep, energy levels, mood, and self-esteem. More significantly, clients frequently report improving and (in some cases) even ELIMINATING a variety of symptoms, diseases, and conditions (often while losing weight JUST AS A SIDE EFFECT…healthy bodies rarely carry excess baggage, right?)

Some of my services include:

•  Food Diary evaluations (plus a whole lot more… see below for more info on my comprehensive LIFESTYLE diary evaluations!)
•  Cost effective
food sensitivity lab tests
•  A variety of whole food GUT-HEALTH-ENHANCING techniques, nutrition classes & cooking demonstrations
•  Whole food smoothie-making classes (not a big fan of veggies but know you should eat more... HERE'S A GREAT SOLUTION!)
•  Meal planning templates & shopping tips
•  Ideas for healthy, quick (and sometimes even portable!) meals and snacks

Work with me and learn how easy it really can be to hit your nutritional reset button once and for all and experience the changes you've been looking for! Changing your weight and, more importantly, YOUR HEALTH is easier than you think!

Interested in learning more about your conscious and unconscious eating habits? Click and you might be surprised what you discover about yourself!

LIFESTYLE Diary & Instructions for Use

Or for a comprehensive evaluation of your eating habits, fill out a health history form, a waiver, and prepay today!

LIFESTYLE Diary Evaluation

And if meeting face-to-face simply isn't possible (regardless of the reason) virtual sessions are always available…just get in touch with me to discuss your options!


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