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May 9, 2016

The answer is yes, IF YOU FOLLOW MY 10 TIPS FOR IMPROVING YOUR OVERALL HEALTH (because healthy bodies don't like to carry excess baggage!)


Go ahead and Google the word “fit”…I guarantee several thousand results will pop up that all go something like: “performing favorite activities enthusiastically and without pain for the rest of your life.”

Just because you can run a marathon doesn’t mean you’ll never tear a muscle or break a bone. Muscle bound gym-rats often have posture imbalances and flexibility issues. And the average American has bigger fish to fry than simply wanting to tone their abs or arms…MOST people today are overweight or dealing with chronic illness, injuries, or pain, (or all of the above!) The bottom line is that gym workouts and machines are often irrelevant for most people because they can’t train you for real-life activities AND THEY CAN BE BORING (remember the only exercise anyone will ever do is what they like!) That’s why I’m a HUGE advocate of functional fitness and body weight-only exercise because no matter where you go you always have your body, right?

Did you know that most exercise machines were designed to rehab injured muscles?  Contrary to popular belief, all that’s really required for a great workout are a couple of pieces of small equipment and about 6 square feet of space because the human body can actually only execute seven basic movement patterns: squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist & gait. Even the most complex movements, no matter how small, are really only variations of these “Pillars of Human Movement.”

So what’s a true fitness-seeker to do?

  • Attend my “6 Square Feet Workout” Workshop on May 11th at the Delaware Center for Conscious Living (click here for more info)
  • Hire a Personal Trainer who’s skilled in working the body holistically, firing up complete muscle groups in a sequential pattern (in other words, ME!!!)
  • Check out the RESOURCES tab on my website for more info on some of the most influential experts in the field of integrative, functional fitness today

Additional tips:

  • Never workout when you’re not well rested (aim for 6½-9 hours of sleep each night)
  • Drink plenty of water (aim for 100 ounces a day)
  • EAT MORE VEGGIES (and attend my “Smoothie 101” or “Paleo Made Practical” workshops if you’re not sure how to fit 9-13 servings of fresh produce into your life EVERY day!)
  • Practice T’ai Chi Chih (stay tuned for more info on my next round of classes!) or any type of relaxation/meditation technique
  • Always foam roll and do a dynamic stretch before working out…save static stretches for after
  • Strength train the muscles surrounding the most important joints of the body with free weights, bands, or bodyweight-only exercises for 20-60 minutes 2-3 days a week (but never on consecutive days!)
  • Aim for 20-60 minutes of aerobic activity (any rhythmic, sustained activity causing a temporary increase in heart rate like brisk walking, running, biking, swimming, jumping rope, or stair climbing) 3-7 days a week

So ditch the machines and the gym membership AND GET FUNCTIONAL…your health AND YOUR WAISTLINE will thank you for it!

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