"Can you really lose 10 pounds in 10 days?" If you've read all of the last 9 posts now know you'll know how!

June 6, 2016

The answer is yes, IF YOU FOLLOW ALL 10 OF MY TIPS FOR IMPROVING YOUR OVERALL HEALTH (because healthy bodies don't like to carry excess baggage!)

TIP # 10: Make Friends With the Chi

Justin Stone, Writer, Musician, Artist, University Professor, T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master, Originator of T’ai Chi Chih, and one of the only caucasian Zen Masters in the Western Hemisphere once said “If you make friends with the Chi you can have a long, healthy, happy life and an easy death.”

Every ancient culture and spiritual practice has some name for and honors what the Chinese call “Chi” which they believe has two aspects: it’s not only our inherent energy which connects us to all sentient beings but also holds the wisdom of the universe…if we can find a way to turn off our overactive “monkey mind” our “gut” will always lead us in the right direction, and if we cut our finger our body simply knows how to heal it.

So how do you make friends with the Chi?

Of course in my opinion the EASIEST way is to practice T’ai Chi Chih! (want to know more? SIGN UP FOR MY CLASS TODAY!!!)

But even just practicing an “attitude of gratitude” is a HUGE step towards making friends with the Chi. In this culture we tend to focus on the hard stuff in life but ever noticed that worrying about things never makes those things any easier? That’s because first energy and then action always follow intention…focus on stress and you’ll always feel stressed.

Try this instead: get a small journal and take a few moments each night before bed to simply write down 3 things you’re grateful for at that moment…you’ll be shocked at how easy this exercise can be and how much easier it is to fall asleep by simply turning your thoughts to joy for a few minutes before closing your eyes. More importantly, by allowing your intention to turn towards all the wonderful things in life your ability to coast through stress with ease and without fear will simply grow and grow.

So begin making friends with the Chi TODAY…your health AND YOUR WAISTLINE will thank you!!!

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