Did You Ever Stop to Think the Only Exercise Program You’ll Ever Stick to is the One You Like?

February 22, 2016

Also did you know that exercise machines were actually designed to rehab injured muscles?

The best way to learn more about the nature of FUN high quality exercise is my upcoming “6 Square Feet Workout” … this informative workshop explains definitively why all that’s really required for a great workout are a chair, a towel, a water bottle, 6 square feet of space, and (of course!) your body! I’ll show you how to put together a few simple cardiovascular exercises along with 10 basic strength training moves to create a total-body equipment-free workout that can easily be implemented into daily life no matter where you are!

The following article from Hockessin Chiropractic Centre (where I do Lifestyle Coaching and one of Delaware’s only IFM Certified Functional Medical facilities) is also a great overview of what gets folks excited about and keeps them dedicated to exercise: http://hockessinchiro.com/index.php?newsletters=29553

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