Short on time? Don't let that stop you from making a healthy dinner!

November 5, 2017

Just like everybody else I often have mind-blowingly busy days. And also just like everybody else if I've forgotten (or didn't have time) to think about what we're having for dinner before I leave in the morning, by the time I walk back in the door in the evening I simply don't have the bandwidth to put together an elaborate meal.

So here's one of my super-yummy super-healthy go-to dinners for two I can literally have on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Gather together the following ingredients:

· 2 zucchini squash

· A bag of Trader Joe's frozen "Harvest Hodgepodge" (and remember frozen veggies are sometimes even healthier than here to learn more)

· A bag of Trader Joe's frozen "Seafood Blend"

· A can of no-salt-added sliced water chestnuts

· A can of no-salt-added bamboo shoots 

· Toasted sesame oil

· Braggs Amino Acids or Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos (I prefer the Coconut Aminos…not only is it soy-free – I’m allergic – it’s also lower in sodium, and I happen to think it tastes better but you be the judge)

· Raw sesame seeds

· Any type of veggie spiralizer (for this recipe I prefer the hand-held Veggetti® Spiral Vegetable Cutter but again, you be the judge...for more info on this and all the other "Things I Like" click here)

Put the seafood blend in a pan with a little oil and sauté/stirfry until cooked. Meanwhile, microwave the Harvest Hodgepodge veggies, open and drain the canned veggies, and spiralize the zucchinis into noodles (each person gets one whole zucchini so just spiralize each zuke right onto a dinner plate.) When the frozen veggies are about 75% cooked you can add the canned veggies, stir, and microwave the entire mixture another minute or so until everything is nice and warm.

When the seafood is cooked through and all the veggies are warm, place half of the veggies on each of the two plates of zucchini noodles then top each plate with half of the seafood mixture. Sprinkle both plates with raw sesame seeds (plus drizzle some additional toasted sesame oil and amino acids if you like.)

This meal is SOOOOO much fun to eat with chopsticks and seems WAAAAAY more exotic than almost any other meal I can possibly prepare this quickly!!! (Are you getting it this is SERIOUSLY one of my favorite meals for multiple reasons???) I also really like the contrast of the raw zucchini noodle cool-crunchiness along with the veggie-and-seafood warmth but if you like the entire dish warm you can always microwave your completely assembled plate for an additional 45-60 seconds before you dig's your choice.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that healthy and delicious meals don't necessarily take a long time to all comes down to thinking just a bit outside the box! 

But wait...are you somehow thinking you're not gonna completely dig this RIDICULOUSLY-fast-complete-dinner-on-a-plate??? 

Then here's a quick trick: EAT MORE VEGGIES!!! Because one of the easiest ways to really enjoy your veggies (and the taste of all kinds of healthy whole food wrapped up in not much more than it’s "original packaging") is to eat the 9-13 servings of fresh whole produce every day. And I know that sounds like a lot of veggies but remember that's what every major world health organization (including THE World Health Organization) agrees is what’s required just to maintain our health.

And if you simply can't figure out how to fit that many veggies into your life on a daily basis then attend my next Smoothie 101...smoothies certainly aren't the only way to eat your RDA of veggies but knowing how to make a great-tasting smoothie is definitely a great tool to have in your toolbox!

But don't last class till '18 is only a few days away! Click here to learn more and to sign up (you can even sign up and pay for classes on my Facebook page too!)

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