August 28, 2016


Let's put it this way: T'ai Chi Chih is certainly not THE ONLY way to meditate...it's simply THE EASIEST way (and that's what might make it THE BEST WAY!!!)

OK the only healthy lifestyle adaptation you'll ever stick to is the one you like, right? But truthfully I've never shown T'ai Chi Chih to anyone who didn't like it!

Plus ANYONE can do it and I've literally taught folks who were blind, wheelchair bound, had cognitive function issues, seriously impaired balance, completely non-functioning knees...I've even taught children! T'ai Chi Chih is clearly the most user-friendly, accessible method of letting that "monkey mind" go and that, my friends, is a true gift!!!

Still have questions? Click here to watch this short video and all will become clear.

BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT...click here for more info on classes at Hockessin Chiropractic Centre (but note that my Tuesday night class is FULL!) Or click here for more info on my Thursday morning class in North Wilmington. And don't miss another opportunity to learn T'ai Chi Chih from Wilmington’s ONLY Accredited Instructor!

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