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August 25, 2019

If you're still wondering whether practicing meditation really will improve your health then you must’ve been completely off the grid for at least the last decade…there's so much HARD SCIENCE pointing directly to meditation (especially MINDFULNESS meditation) as the key to reducing stresses with the potential to mimic or even cause disease, there's simply no way to ignore the evidence any longer.

But here's another mindfulness side-effect all kinds of scientists are now also beginning to tout which many folks haven't caught onto yet: regular mindfulness practice also enables the practitioner to train their wellbeing.

“Wait…did I read that correctly?” I bet you’re wondering.

Yes indeed you did! For lots more info about all this you should definitely check out Dr Richard Davidson and (at least) one of his neurological studies on the nature of well-being, but I'd be happy to give you the headlines of his GROUNDBREAKING life’s work.

It turns out there are only four contributing factors to an overall sense of wellbeing (so even if you do become ill at some point you’ll still travel lighter through even the most adverse circumstances):

  1. A sense of resilience
  2. A positive outlook
  3. The ability to pay attention
  4. And an attitude of generosity

And practicing mindfulness enables the practitioner to increase all four of these constituents of wellbeing so, therefore, practicing mindfulness also enables the practitioner to train their wellbeing…what this boils down to, in other words, is that practicing mindfulness enables you to LEARN TO BE WELL!

And although these theories may seem unbelievably simple I assure you they’re right on the mark…for many years now Dr Davidson (a neuroscientist and professor of both psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) along with an entire team of colleagues have been studying exactly how people gain and maintain optimum health via mindfulness by tracking brain activity with MRI's and various other tests of cognitive function. But no need to take my word for it…just Google the word “neuroplasticity” (and prepare to be AMAZED!)

There's only one trick to all this learning-to-be-incredibly-healthy-and-happy business, though, (and I bet you’ve already figured it out)…it’s PRACTICE.

So I guess the million dollar question is exactly what do you practice? (Because folks tend to get REALLY GOOD at whatever they practice, right?)

The truth is that most people practice feeling stressed out, anxious, sad, or mad most of the time (what that looks like on the outside, however, is sleeping poorly, multitasking 24/7, or just eating, drinking, and exercising - or not - in ways that won’t make anybody feel physically or mentally good.) 

Do you fall into any of these (very common) categories?

And if so, would you really like to learn how to feel resilient, positive, fully focused, generous, plus simply WELL all the time but have no clue where to begin? (Because, truth be told, when most people sit down with the intent to quiet their monkey mind it’s like they’ve suddenly given that little guy permission to run amok!)

“Aren’t there any EASIER options?” I can practically hear you thinking right now.

Why yes there is an easier option, actually…an evidence-based moving mindfulness practice known as T’ai Chi Chih.

And the fact that it’s a form of MOVING mindfulness is just one of the distinctions setting T’ai Chi Chih apart from other mindfulness practices (but that's also just one of the reasons why most people experience it as downright FUN!) T’ai Chi Chih is also completely user-friendly because it has no age, physical fitness, or coordination requirements. Plus with just a few modifications all 20 movements can even be done from a chair (and just in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes, I’ve even taught folks who were partially paralyzed…there are literally NO LIMITS to who can learn and practice T’ai Chi Chih!)  

So now that I've (hopefully) peaked your interest in T'ai Chi Chih, here’s an amazing opportunity for you to try it in a completely unique setting: early Thursday morning classes in the STUNNING Main House Gardens of the Mt Cuba Center (and if you’re not familiar with this horticultural gem, you really should be…it’s clearly one of the prettiest spots in the entire state of Delaware!) And these T’ai Chi Chih classes will undoubtedly be even more powerful than usual because just spending time outdoors has also been proven to positively impact your health (ever heard of Nature as Medicine?)

Still have questions? Then click here to learn more about the WELL-DOCUMENTED health benefits of practicing T’ai Chi Chih or you can even just watch a couple of my (short!) TV interviews plus videos of the actual movements and all will become clear.

So now that those last few lingering doubts about the value (AND EASE!) of adding T’ai Chi Chih into your life have undoubtedly been put to rest, just click here for class details and here to register today!

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