The body isn’t a machine, it’s a complete ecosystem

October 10, 2016

Is Stephanie Gaudreau already on your radar? If not, perhaps she should be: holistic nutritionist, strength & conditioning coach, owner of Stupid Easy Paleo, and like me, a not-so-young-anymore woman defying the odds by enjoying the best health of her life.

You may find this hard to believe but about 45 million Americans (most of them women) go on a diet every single year spending over $30 billion on pills, powders, potions, and all kinds of stuff that actually has warning labels yet most of those same people are still struggling to get healthier year after year.

But why doesn’t it seem to be the case that the diet industry is actually helping these folks get healthier? Probably because of something anyone who’s ever worked with me hears me say literally ad nauseam:


In other words, there’s an awful lot of money riding on us NOT getting healthy. (This is really a HUGE conversation but for now let’s limit our thinking to just this aspect, OK?)

Anyway, back to Steph (who I really appreciate on many levels!) On Monday October 10th at 5PM Pacific time she’ll be launching another of her hour-long webinars called "4 Ways Smart Women Sabotage Their Health (When Trying to Get Leaner & Stronger)" and I’m sure it’s going to be WONDERFUL.

However there’s one area in which Steph and I don’t see eye to eye: although like me she’s a huge advocate of functional fitness and whole food nutrition, she rarely talks about the impact of stress on one’s health.

Not to toot my own horn, but I literally may be the ONLY health & wellness professional (at least in the tri-state area but perhaps ANYWHERE) who takes a three-pronged approach to coaching clients because…

the body isn’t a machine, it’s a complete ecosystem and only through attention to the quality of both movement and nutrition, plus stress management/relaxation can we ever hope to achieve optimum health.

Want to learn more about some of the easiest ways to improve all three aspects of your health?

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