Things I Learned From My Dog

March 5, 2017

I've definitely gotten into the habit of using these blogs as platform to vent or even preach about all kinds of's blog is certainly no exception (BUT, for a change, I promise not to say a word about fitness, nutrition, or T'ai Chi Chih!)

Today I'm thinking about how angels bearing epiphanies sometimes come in unusual packages...the most unusual epiphany-bearing-angel I've ever encountered was my dog Trinity.

She was a BEAUTIFUL purebred English Lab with an almost white coat and green-rimmed caramel colored eyes we adopted at age 6 for the cost of a physical at our local animal hospital...if we'd purchased her from a breeder she would've cost thousands of dollars. We SUSPECTED she was the dog we were looking for because of her name when we first read about her on the website of the Lab Rescue Agency (because everything important in my family's life has always revolved around all different kinds of Trinitys) but the minute we saw her running towards us on the day we met her in person, smiling and wagging her tail like she already knew us, we knew she was meant to be ours all along. 

She died just this past November so I still think about her all the time. I often wonder if we gave her the highest possible quality life: the life she both deserved and what we promised when we adopted her. But of course dogs don't speak English so I'll just have to continue wondering about that (until I decide to stop LOL.)

Many days, though, I think about all the PROFOUND life lessons I learned from her even though she was "just a dog" are a few:

  ·  I learned that the people you love appear to be beautiful at all times just because you love them.

  ·  I learned that the truly hard stuff in life is never anything you lay awake at night worrying about...the truly hard stuff always happens in the blink of an eye with no warning whatsoever.

  ·  I learned that it's rare to have someone in your life who really does love you unconditionally (even when you're tired or busy and therefore a bit impatient or even short tempered with them.) 

  ·  I learned it's awe-inspiring to have someone in your life who always strives towards their highest of good.

  ·  I learned it's enlivening to spend time with someone you love even when you're so busy you don't think you have the time but decide to lay your work aside for just a few moments anyway.

  ·  I learned it's MUCH easier to be happy 100% of the time when you're totally in the moment

My fervent wish for each of you is that you find and keep as many "Trinitys" in your life as possible (even the two-legged non-furry variety!!!)

Health & peace...Jessica :o)

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