We have our demons

December 30, 2017

Believe it or not, the fitness industry (which on the surface appears to be a super-healthy environment, right?) is literally filled with folks who struggle with various mental health issues including body-dysmorphia, disordered eating habits and obsessive-compulsive behaviors of all kinds, anxiety, and depression. 


Because we have our demons. 

And yes, I said "we" which really should come as no surprise to any of you: I've always been very upfront about the long and winding path towards health & wellbeing I've been walking for many years now.

So I'm here to tell you (from firsthand experience) that getting at least closer to optimum health & wellbeing is actually WAAAAAAAAAY easier than the fitness industry implies.

The secret is NOT to focus on sculpting your body; instead focus on sculpting YOUR LIFE...the life you not only dream about but deserve: filled with clear and present thinking, physical comfort and strength, and the ability to effect change in the world. Simpler yet: all you have to do to create that life is move well, eat well, and relax well.

So as January 1st approaches don't just resolve (once more?!) to "kill it" at the gym every day or never eat sweets again and assume your life will be perfect once you lose that weight or build that muscle...instead, just get in touch with me! 

  • First we'll talk about what you're eating (because the body is like a Maserati...you can't expect an amazing vehicle like that to run on old-fashioned leaded gas, right?)
  • Then I'll make sure you know how to move WELL...after that we'll talk about moving often (because many gym workouts are either irrelevant or downright UNhealthy!)
  • And finally we'll talk about not what you're eating but WHAT'S EATING YOU (because what stresses you out matters more than you think!) 

So if you're struggling with weight, fitness goals, stress (or any combination of the above) what are you waiting for? Make 2018 the year you got in touch with me!

Look at it this way: what have to got you lose (except long-held habits and beliefs that are keeping you stuck with excess bodyfat, physical lethargy, and injury or illness)???

I'll be here when you're ready...Jessica :o)

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