Forget fitness trackers

January 14, 2018

I read a great article this week in Northern Illinois' The Pantagraph about the benefits of weightlifting especially for women.

The reason it caught my eye initially is because even with all the information that's available today indicating the myriad of benefits from weightlifting, women (especially as they age) still seem to prefer various cardio machines over throwing a few weights or even just their bodies around a little. (And I'm not sure why that’s the case...perhaps that should be the subject of another blog or two?!)

The article also gave a couple of good pointers on how to train well. For instance the writer mentioned it’s a good idea to move slowly and breath steadily while you're both lifting and lowering the weight in order to allow your muscles do the work (rather than gravity) and to keep exercise-related stress down to a dull roar (because holding your breath while weightlifting not only builds up unnecessary internal pressure but also causes cortisol levels to rise and elevated cortisol creates fat stores rather than allowing your body to burn them off.)

The article also warned against lifting too much too fast because that can cause joint pain, tendonitis, and various other soft tissue injuries.

IMHO, however, the only area in which the article fell short was in addressing methods of assessing one's readiness for exercise. Being aware of your fitness level is very important because without that information one is much more likely to push themselves too far too fast…whether or not you’re lifting too fast or without proper breath control won’t matter one bit if you’re simply unready for lifting at all, right?

I know that fitness trackers are still very much en vogue these days: the venerable American College of Sports Medicine still lists "wearable technology" as third on their "2018 Top 10 Fitness Trends"... Fitbits are definitely here to stay for at least a few more years!

And sure Fitbits are REALLY cool and even look kinda cute! But what if I told you I can think of several reasons why they’re a waste of money for many folks? Now I bet lots of you are suddenly intrigued (especially because Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago and your bills are starting to roll in…UGH!)

Yup…turns out all you really need to figure out whether you're physically ready to begin doing pretty much any kind of exercise you want to do is a few minutes, a phone or a timer, and a towel or yoga mat.

Want to know more? Then come out on Thursday the 25th for a unique class I put together with Dr Tamara Blossic (one of Delaware's few IFM Certified Functional Medicine practitioners and the wonderful doctor I work for part-time) to show you how easy it is to assess your current fitness level!

It's also a great opportunity to learn a lot more about this dynamic medical practice I've called home for going on three years :)

So click here for more info (but don't delay...SPACE IS LIMITED) and I hope to see you all there!!!

Below: Personal trainer Larry Strong works out with an older female client as seen in The Pantagraph

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